The Team

The Student Union team, all members of the party “StudentsVoice”, are a direct representation of the diversity at Lauder Business School.


The six members of the board come from five different countries and speak over ten different languages including English, Hebrew, German, Russian and Georgian.


The team represents the Bachelor and Masters programs and are knowledgeable of the legal rights and duties you have as a student in Vienna to properly represent you.


Women representation is of high importance to us and two out of the six representatives are women, representing both the BA and MA programs.


The current board members are:


Sagi Zilbershatz 


Alex Khodosh


Aviad Zilbershatz


Merab Dedishvilli


Danita Michaylova


Orli Riss


You can often find us around campus and we highly encourage you to approach us, share with us your ideas, suggestions or complaints so we can make your life as a student better.


Beside the official team, over the year we have been joined by many enthusiastic, eager and passionate volunteers who support and even carry out projects for your benefit.


If you think you can also contribute to the student union and want to join our volunteer team, contact us via email: or through the “contact us” form and we will be happy to integrate you in our activities.