FH Legal Info

Lauder Business School, as a Fachhochscule or a university of applied sciences, complies to the laws of the FHStG (Fachhochschule-Studiengesetz). This law includes the rights and obligations you have as students! Yes, you’ve heard us, you have rights!


The goal of these rights is to ensure that each student is being treated fairly, without any prejudices and in an objective manner. Knowing your rights, as well as your obligations is not a mere choice but a duty! And yet, who has the time to read the law and memorize it? WE HAVE!!!


We are here to serve as your legal consultants for any academic issue you might have. The federal OH offers legal guidance, advice and representation in case it’s needed, and so you are not alone! It is important however, whenever you feel that your right has been violated, to take immediate action and not keep it in. Here are some examples for 5 rights you have as students in a university of applied sciences in Austria:


1. Attendance- you have the right to miss up to 25% of the course’s contact hours. Know that in other universities, the precentage is lower than 25% . However, in case of an urgent case or sickness, we do suggest to contact Prof. Dem or Prof. Poeschl, and the respective lecturer in advance to possibly get a permission. For students who begin their first semester and have visa issues, you are allowed to miss some classes without having to go to the retake exam, as long as you provide proof of having such problems. Going to the Magistrat (the visa offices) is a good reason for missing a class. Keep the management informed and updated regarding your situation as there’s a limit for the amount of classes you can miss. The management can also assist in solving your visa issues, through the support  of Ms. Holodniak.
2. In case you feel mistreated during an exam which resulted in your failure, you have two weeks to write an official complaint and hand it to the management office. It’s important to state that in the past students had only one week to appeal and this is a pleasant change which gives you the time to plan your approach. As you appeal, the issue must be discussed, sufficient proof and reasoning must be provided, and eventually, there’s a chance to re-take the exam. Throughout the waiting time, between the complaint and the decision about it, you are considered still to be an official student and can attend classes as well as take exams (relevant mainly for appeal on commission exams).
3. In a commission exam, you are allowed to bring witnesses to avoid any injustice during the exam. It can be anyone you like, a friend, a lawyer or even us. Another change which was implemented recently is the elimination of the requirement to take an oral commission exam, in case you passed your commission written exam. That definitely increases your chances to succeed.
4. You have the right to photocopy your exam at the management’s office as well as compare it with the answers provided by the lecturers for each exam. Each copy costs 20 cents and can be very useful when preparing for retakes and commissions.
5. Students have the right to take an exam in different format (written\oral) if these two conditions apply:
– They submitted proof of a disability that makes it impossible to take the examination in the current format
– The different format does not impact the subject’s contents and the requirements of the exam


As you can see, your rights cover many topics including:


– General Academic behaviour
– Exams
– Complaints
– Mistreatment or abuse


When you first enrolled in LBS, you signed an Educational contract. This contract is adjusted to LBS needs and consists rights as well as responsibilities. Make sure you read it and are aware of its content to avoid confusion and to protect your rights! During 2015, Lauder Business School’s management published a shortened version of the students’ rights and obligations. You can find it in the CIS → LBS academic policies → General policies and forms → Students rights and responsibilities.


Another two important documents to be aware of are:


* the LBS Academic standards which set the rules for your thesis, papers and other projects.


* Exam Regulations- consists of your rights and duties when taking an exam at LBS.



You can find these documents on our website as well as on the CIS. We encourage you to take few minutes and read it.