Useful Documents

There are plenty of documents on the CIS platform, which you are going to need throughout your studies. This list includes the main forms and documents which we believe to be the most important and useful for you.


Bachelor Docs:

Perhaps the most important document you will find on this section of the CIS platform is the Bachelor thesis outline template which will serve you during the 5th and 6th semesters. Other documents such as thesis guidelines, deadlines, and general BA information are also available.



Masters Docs

In this section of the CIS platform, you will mainly find documents concerning your thesis including the Thesis proposal template, policies, grading template and road-map.



General Academic Policies

This highly important section of the CIS platform contains important documents which we highly encourage you to go through. We believe that knowing the policies and regulations at LBS can save you a lot of time and energy and prevent unnecessary problems.



Within the General Academic Policies you will find:


  • LBS Academic standards
  • LBS Academic Malpractice
  • Exam regulations
  • Recognition Form
  • The newly introduced presentations grid
  • Students rights and responsibility
  • Students representatives list


Checking out the Academic Calendar, which can be found on the LBS official website, will enable you to better manage your time and know the dates of national holidays or breaks.

LBS Academic calendar –


Another possibly important document is the LBS Dormitory application form (JHF). It can be obtained from Ms. Kreuzer who’s office is located on the 2nd floor of the management offices.


Forms regarding your Visa application are available at the university management offices as well.