David Solomon- Jewish Philosophy lecture series


Make sure your calendar is free during the weekend of next week (13th-16th of May) as we are going to take you on a journey of inspiration, education and Jewish philosophy.

Together with the LBS management and the JHC, we are pleased to welcome the world renowned speaker- David Solomon.


David Solomon, a globally roaming scholar, teacher and writer is coming all the way from Australia, to share his wisdom with the students of LBS and the Jewish community in Vienna. He is predominantly known as a dynamic and inspiring educator and, in particular, for his lecture ‘The Whole of Jewish History in One Hour’.


Solomon’s main aim is to inspire people with a love and passion for Jewish learning by providing them with the tools to pursue and take responsibility for their own Jewish education. The key to enrichment of life through Jewish education is a return to sources.

For more information about David Solomon and his program, click HERE!


Whether you are knowledgeable in the Jewish ancient teachings, or whether your curiosity and thirst for inspiration move you to attend, you are more than welcome!


The LBS student union team is constantly working on providing our students with valuable events and programs which enrich both the mind and the soul in a fun, exciting and entertaining way.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.