Students meetings

As derived from the name of the representing party “StudentsVoice”, our main goal is to make your voice sound and make sure our students have the best conditions possible at LBS.


For this reason, we are pleased to initiate monthly students meetings.


In these meetings, you will be able to talk directly to your representatives, express your concerns, ideas, suggestions and opinions and guide us to truly satisfy your needs as a student.


We believe that the better the communication between the students and us, the representatives, the better our output is going to be. With your input and constructive advice, we can continue to serve your interests and further increase our influence at LBS.


The date of each meeting will be published on our Facebook page in advance, so you can include it in your schedule and participate. No registration is required, although it would be great to get a message or comment indicating your participation so we can estimate the amount of students attending.


The meetings will take place at LBS in one of the classes, and will be scheduled to the convenience of most of the cohort. It’s often challenging to schedule a date which fits to everyone’s schedule, however, we guarantee to do our best.


Each meeting will also have a pre-determined agenda which will guide the discussion. If you want your ideas to be on the agenda, please write us in advance.


We are looking forward to hear you out and get you involved!