Volunteering Program- Younited Cultures



The LBS volunteering program is expanding!


We are happy to announce that the LBS student union will cooperate with yet another fantastic non-profit organization- Younited Cultures.

Almost all of us are strangers in Austria; we come from different backgrounds, different cultures and different world views. It’s often not easy for people like us; we are often not seen as equals, not given equal opportunities, equal chances or equal treatment.
Yet it’s quite puzzling, as positive migration, throughout history, has been the cause for the rise of empires and has clearly shifted the face of the earth. Migration when managed and monitored should be something which is celebrated, supported and promoted.

Younited Cultures is all about the celebration of migration. Their goal is to shift the mindset and correct the negative image of migrants in Austria. And they do it brilliantly- through clothing!
For more information click HERE!

Why does it matter for YOU?
People often ask us- “how are we supposed to get experience at a job when every job requires experience?


Well, here’s the answer for you!

Younited Cultures is expanding and growing and looking for team members in various positions. The work only fits for creative, ambitious, responsible and passionate individuals who want to develop themselves and their careers while making other lives better!

Some of the available positions include:
-Marketing and PR reps
-Manager assistant
-Communications and networking reps


Do you think you have what it takes to elevate Younited Cultures to the next level?

Send your CV to with the title- Volunteering Program-Younited Cultures and start a new adventure with us.



At LBS we believe that successful business-people are those who focus on the value they give. What value do I give to my customers, my company, my colleagues and society? These are all questions we must ask ourselves in order to reach more people and fulfill our potential.
As we are currently studying how to become valuable for our customers, our company and our colleagues, the student union has decided to establish the volunteering program, to give back to those who truly need us, the unfortunate members of society.

We truly hope to see more of you participating and joining the promotion of important causes!