Events Schedule- November

After starting the semester right, it’s time to get ACTIVE!


In order to make sure you don’t miss anything, we have gathered a list of some interesting events you must look into. Some of these events are business oriented while others are social and simply fun!


Below the list, you will find unscheduled events that will be added to the list in the next week or two! Therefore, make sure to check out this list more than once for any updates!


1st- Holiday- Always a good way to start a new month. As you know, November 1st is “All saints’ day” and businesses will be closed so prepare accordingly.

1st- LBS Volunteering program- The holiday doesn’t stop us from spreading kindness. We thank the volunteers who were quick to register and also to all those who showed interest. Stay tuned for more cooking sessions!


3rd- Empower Austria- Join a panel discussion about “Internationalization as the key to boost your workplace” and meet start-up founders who look for your input as an enthusiastic entrepreneur! For more information click HERE!


5th- Vienna City Hunt- This event, organized by the LBS student union together with FeelsLikeHome, Secret Vienna and SGA, is your chance to explore Vienna in a totally different way! Meet new people, uncover Vienna’s secrets, win prizes and have FUN! For more information click HERE.


6th- Halloween Tour with Secret Vienna- Vienna is a calm, relaxed and beautiful city, BUT its secrets are dark and full of horror! Are you brave enough to find out more? Click HERE!


8th-9thManageers Conference- Meet inspiring CEOs and join fascinating workshops by top entrepreneurs and employers. This is your chance to network, get inspired and receive tools that can help you start your own business! For more information click HERE.


11th-13th- Con.Junction Vienna- Are you a Jewish young professional? Join Con.Junction, network with professionals from all over Europe and learn vital lessons for starting, running and winning with your business! For more information click HERE.


13th- JOH Board Elections-  The Jewish Student Union (JOH) is inviting you to come and choose the board members you believe will elevate the organization. For more information click HERE.


14th-16th- Business Ethics & Competitiveness at LBS-  the 2016 European Microeconomics of Competitiveness Chapter Conference, titled Business Ethics and Competitiveness in SMEs. The conference aims to promote the exchange of knowledge, to share best practices, and to discuss the role of CSR and CSV in the context of SMEs and their competitiveness. For registration click HERE.


17th- Meeting with Erste Bank’s CEO- The LBS career center is inviting you to join this fascinating talk. Registration is required and number of seats is limited! Want to join? Send an email to placement-center@lbs.ac.at! Application deadline: Thursday 10th of November.


18th-20th- Aspire Conference- The Aspire Conference 2016 connects young generations with successful change-makers from the fields of business, civil society, politics, entrepreneurship and science to inspire and empower them with the right tools, knowledge and direction to confidently face today’s challenges. This Conference is highly recommended! It will take place in the U.N and will include fantastic speakers from different backgrounds. Want to learn more? Click HERE.


We are currently working on some more events for you which are not yet scheduled, such as:


Sports events– Our volunteers team is working on some great sports events for you! Follow our Facebook page for more details.


Future Business Lab– Students who were accepted to the program will get a chance to meet some incredible speakers this semester! The next session will take place towards the end of November, followed by two more sessions in December and January. Stay tuned for more updates!


WKO Lecture– Do you want to open your own business but have no clue how? Do you need some guidance with the basic steps, the rules and procedures of starting up a business in Austria? If your answers are YES, join us for this lecture and all your questions will be answered. More details will be published soon.


Secret Vienna Tour- Secrets are everywhere in this city, but not everyone can see them! Join our experienced guides on a great journey and uncover the shocking, mind blowing secrets Vienna has to offer. Follow Secret Vienna’s page for updates, blog posts and much more! Click HERE.


We wish you a highly successful month and hope to see as many of you as possible in our activities!