Opening a bank account with Bank Austria

To many, opening a bank account might be confusing.


There are several Banks offering roughly the same service- a student account.
In order to make this choice as easy as possible, we have initiated cooperation with Bank Austria. The fruitful partnership which proved highly beneficial last year, will continue this year.
As you probably know, opening a bank account is an almost mandatory step when coming to Vienna, especially for non EU citizen who must pay their insurance and show a sufficient balance in their account.

When choosing a bank we consider few factors- location, quality of service, availability of the bank throughout the city, etc. Bank Austria excels in all these 3 factors.

The location of Bank Austria cannot be better. Their branch is located just next to Pyrkergasse, few steps away from the station of tram no. 37 and 1 minute walking distance from LBS.
Also, in Bank Austria you will find friendly, service oriented employees who will give serve you professionally and most importantly- in English!
Furthermore, when walking around Vienna, you are probably going to see at least several Bank Austria branches. They are also located in many central locations such as Schwedenplaz and Schottentor, locations which are easily accessible and highly convenient.

So here’s all you have to do to open your student account:

1. Print this appointment FILE; this is a reference indicating that you are an LBS student. Please note that the confirmation of studies for new students should also be provided.
2. Schedule a meeting with one of the English speaking executives to open your account:
• Mr. Kopajtic- Tel: +43 (0) 50505 39632 or Email:
• Mrs. Fink- Email:

3. Bring all the necessary documents (for reference, please check out the new student’s guide).
4. Open a bank account and get a special GIFT.

Please note- This cooperation serves not only new students but also senior LBS students. In case you have an account elsewhere, you can still open an account at Bank Austria and receive great benefits including a 70 euros voucher for buying on Amazon.
For any questions or advice, please feel free to contact us via the website or our email-