Application Process

Application process

The application process for the Bachelor’s Program “International Business Administration” and the Master Programs “International Management and Leadership” and “Banking and Finance” start usually in January.
Step 1: In order to start the application process, an email should be sent to


Step 2: As a first response, you will receive a question which needs to be answered in the form of a short essay of 500 words and sent back to us via e-mail within one week’s time. Once the essay is evaluated the applicant will be informed regarding the next steps to be taken.


Step 3: After positive evaluation of the essay, you will be invited to schedule an evaluation interview. In this interview, each person will have to summarize a short text, related to a personal field of interest and then share it with the interviewers. The interview may include a few interviewees at the same time.


Step 4: When you pass the interview and decide to join LBS, it is time to get ready to moving to Vienna. You can check out our detailed welcome guide here!