The ECDL or the European Computer Driving License is an official certificate for computer skills. It is a mandatory part of the 1st semester, and the attainment of the certificate is required to successfully complete the semester.




There are few possible locations for taking the ECDL exams. For those who feel more comfortable completing it in their own language, the ECDL is offered throughout Europe in a variety of languages. In Austria the exam is available in German and English.
The most convenient location for taking the exam is the school “JBBZ” (Jüdisches Berufliches Bildungszentrum) which is located close to the campus.


JBBZ address: Adalbert-Stifter-Straße 18, 1200 Wien
Another possibility is the ALGE EDV Consulting institution.


Contact them at:


In case you prefer taking the exams elsewhere, you can send an email to the ECDL office in Austria and they will provide you with additional possible locations. The official email is-




The price of ECDL is approximately 165 euros. The price can change depends on where you take the exam. Therefore, finishing the exams in your home country might be significantly cheaper and save you both time and money. Payment is made in the institution of your choice where you will take the exams.




The ECDL exam consists of 7 exams:


  • Module 1: Computer Essentials
  • Module 2: Online Essentials
  • Module 3: Word Processing (Word)
  • Module 4: Spreadsheets (Excel)
  • Module 5: Using database (Optional)
  • Module 6: Presentation (PowerPoint)
  • Module 7: Online Collaborations
  • Module 8: IT security (Optional)


6 out of those 8 modules are mandatory and are required in order to successfully complete the ECDL. However, you have the choice between Module 5 and Module 8. We recommend on choosing IT security as it’s a theoretical exam while Database requires practical knowledge and therefore takes more time to study to.


How to prepare:


We highly encourage you to either finish the ECDL before the beginning of the semester or during the first two months. It is often the case that many procrastinate and postpone the exam to the end of the semester during the exams period. This results in unnecessary stress which you could prevent.


On the ECDL website you can find download-able information which can help you better prepare for the exam. Most of the information is in German, and for English speakers it might not be as useful.


Material for download: ECDL


In addition- LBS provides students with an official learning kit which includes simulated exams. This is one of the most effective ways to prepare to the exam. During your first days on campus go to the management offices and claim your user name and code to gain complete access to the kit.


The syllabus, which can be found on the ECDL foundation website, provides a clear structure with all the included topics and sub-topics. It is highly useful to study along with the syllabus to make sure you skip important material.

ECDL syllabus


Other sources for studying can be YouTube, with guidance videos for specific modules, as well as plenty of learning material in a variety of languages.


We wish you good luck!