Feels Like Home


When you decide to move to Vienna, you do not only begin a new chapter in your education but also in your entire life.

Moving to a different country is a big step and students are faced with essential, highly important questions such as: How to find a place to live? What kind of insurance do I need? Where do I get a bank account? What phone contract should I get?


Not only that, they also have to restructure their private and social life: Where do I meet other people, where or how can I travel? Where do I find good restaurants? where is a good hairdresser? what should I do in my free time?


A different country means a different culture and language, which make it harder for the incoming students to pursue these things and answer these questions and most students find it difficult and cumbersome to set up their lives in Vienna and spend an excessive amount of time to sort those things out.


Lauder Business School supports the students in this process in any possible way but still has some natural limits.
Richard Ludmer, a Lauder Business School Alum who himself had experienced many difficulties of starting a new life in Mexico and Thailand, realized that most students share the same wants and needs in this process of settling down in Vienna.


So why should you spend so much time figuring out everything on your own? Why not have someone doing it for you faster, easier and cheaper?


Richard decided to take the matter into his own hands and founded the company “FeelsLikeHome”

To go to their website, press HERE!


The concept:


FeelsLikeHome contacts well-known companies of which they can personally recommend and starts partnerships with them. as a result of these partnerships and the representation of a larger amount of students, companies are willing to give special offers & discounts as well as personalized support for international students.


Most important: The service is completely free of charge for students!


This creates a Win-Win situation for both parties:


– Students get intense help and support as well as special offers & discounts which they would not have received as a single person.


– Selected companies have the opportunity to present themselves to a new and interesting target group and receive a steady flow of new customers



The “feels like home” team is constantly working on adding content and functions to the homepage that offers a completely new service to the market.

An extensive information platform helps international students through providing them with useful information as well as concrete solutions and recommendations. With the “feels like home” membercard the international students can access all the offers and discounts offered by partner companies.


The student union of LBS has partnered with FeelsLikeHome to make sure your experience here is as best as can be!

For more information, please contact us via the website, Facebook or Email address- lbs.oeh@gmail.com.

We are looking forward to welcoming you here at LBS and support you through this big change!