German Boost

One of our main recommendations for you, as your student union, is to study German. After your graduation, in case you decide to stay in Vienna and look for a job, knowing the local language will be vital.


There are few options for you to boost your German level, either on your own or with a teacher.


Learning German online:


For those of you with the commitment and discipline to learn German by yourself, there are plenty of websites which offer lessons, downloadable material and even online communities for practising the language.


Some of these websites are:


Busuu – A fantastic website for German or many other languages, offers mainly vocabulary training with tests and an active online community.


Duolingo – This website is well-known for learning foreign languages and is both efficient and useful.


Babble– as the website says itself; it’s fun, easy and cheap.


Deutsch-learnen – After registering for free, this website will provide you with various lessons in different levels. It’s yet another cheap and easy way for you to boost your German.


For more possible online tools, check out this link:

best websites to learn German


Taking a German course:


Another possible solution for you is simply attending a German course in one of the centers around Vienna. Some members of our Student Union team have already attended some and our recommendations are based on personal experience.


Deutsch Akademie-

Perhaps the most popular institution for learning German, Deutsch Akademie offers intensive courses in all levels for approximately 250 euros. The classes usually consist of 10 international students and are interactive, intensive and demanding.


Make sure you have a month off to attend all classes and also work at home and you will definitely see an improvement in your level of proficiency.




A much cheaper option is the near-by JBBZ institution. Located about 15 minutes walking distance from LBS, JBBZ offer a variety of courses including a German course. The prices change by demand but are often below 100 euros for a period of a semester which is very affordable.




Run by Prof. Miha’s mother, this great institution offers a variety of courses in English, Italian and most importantly- German. The central location and good prices for LBS students make this a good option for you.


For more institutions in Vienna which offer German courses for a different range of prices, check out this link-

German language schools in Vienna


We again stress the importance of studying German! Even few words a day make a difference in the long run and this is something you definitely want to invest your time and energy in. We wish you good luck and viel spaß!