On Campus Insurance

All you need to know about- ÖH On-Campus Injury Insurance:


In return for paying those 18.70 euros, the Student Union provides you with many services. One of the most important services is the on campus injury insurance.


When paying the ÖH fee, you are status becomes officially of an active student (“inskribiert” for the very semester) and only then the insurance coverage applies.


The insurance covers accident and third party liability, on the way to and from the campus as well as on campus. That means that accidents which happen during leisure time are not covered and require an additional insurance.


You are not only covered in Vienna, Austria, but also in all other countries except from the USA, Canada and Australia. For these 3 countries, the ÖH offers an additional insurance. Similarly to the on campus restriction, you will only be covered when going to or from the premises of the compulsory internship.


In addition, the insurance covers the 1st and 2nd retake internships during a possible 7th semester for IBA students, even-though the student is no longer “inskribiert”. In case of an accident during that time, the school will have to issue a certification that the internship belonged to the previous (6th semester)


For more information, make sure to contact us and we will be more than glad to answer any question!